Spira – From seed to plant

Bergvik Skog Plantor AB needed modern IT support for their forest tree business. Triona were entrusted to develop a completely new business system – Spira.

Bergvik Skog is one of Sweden’s largest forest ownership companies. They own three forest tree nurseries in Dalarna, Gästrikland, and Värmland.

The nurseries deliver around 55 million trees a year.

The new business system will give Bergvik efficient administrative support through the whole business and production chains.

“Bergvik’s forest tree nurseries will go from a business with a lot of manual administrative procedures to having a business system which supports through the whole chain – from planting through delivery.”

“The solution is completely web based, which simplifies support, maintenance, and operations. It’s built on modern architecture and the latest web technologies which offers a future proof solution,” said Jens Werner, Unit Manager for Forest Industries at Triona.

The system will streamline the process for users working with sales and order management, stock analysis, packing and delivery, and invoicing. The system has been developed with an agile approach in close cooperation with Bergvik.

“The customer has been involved in the whole development process. We have developed in sprints and the customer has given feedback after each step”, added Jens

This way of working has been successful. When Kajsa Matsson, system administrator for Spira at Bergvik recently held a training system for her colleagues, one of the participants exclaimed – Ah it’s no more difficult than that!

Apart from the system being easy to use another substantial benefit is that it supports the user through the whole workflow.

“That means that if you miss a step it’s simply much easier to correct it”, explained Kajsa.

“One challenge in the project has been that we have three different forest tree nurseries in Sweden and sometimes they work very differently. The new system must work for all, so parallel with the system being introduced a common way of working in the different forest tree nurseries was also introduced. That we also face a generational turnover means that a lot of knowledge must be transferred. Spira also facilitates this process”, said Lars-Erik Wigert, CEO at Bergvik Skog Plantor.

“To work in the same way is a big bonus with the new system as it’s easier for the different forest tree nurseries to help each other out”, said Kajsa

The next step is to complement the system with a field application and a customer portal.

The field application is a tool for employees at the nurseries and aims to give them the support they need to simplify and streamline their work. By using the field application they can, for example, find out where a particular planting stock is located as well as make a note of activities which are completed. In that way the field application is a step towards digitalizing the whole work flow.

The customer portal will increase service levels for customers by giving them the possibility to place orders on the web and afterwards follow the order status, order placement, and deliveries.