Triona helps Norwegian Skog-Data improve the efficiency of the country’s forest transport

Skog-Data, which can best be described as the Norwegian equivalent to the Swedish SDC, has the task of developing IT solutions which contribute to increased competitiveness for its customers in the country’s forest and transport industries. With Triona’s help Skog-Data has been able to enhance their system which supports forest transports. Among other things this has led to increased availability, better quality and shorter lead times for updating data associated with map- and road-related information.

Skog-Data, which is owned by the country’s larger forest companies, has developed a routing system which helps haulers and forest companies to transport the correct timber to the right place. Triona’s assignment involved integrating Skog-Data’s existing system with Triona’s route calculation system and changing the solution for the supply of maps.

”By connecting the best of two systems we have created a transparent and qualitive system which works for all parties” Mats Bayard, Triona

The new distance service calculates the best route based on input parameters i.e. start- and end-point, and price tables describing the cost of a transport related to how heavy/long/high truck you can use for the transport. It is also possible to calculate the route for different vehicle types (weight, height, length). By the best route we mean the route which the vehicle type can and is allowed to be driven on. The route calculation optimizes the route option to larger roads so short cuts through towns are avoided. The distance which the route calculation returns, is the basis for the reimbursement which is paid to the organization fulfilling the transport.

”The task has led to a very good result. We have felt secure in our cooperation with Triona, largely because they have a wealth of knowledge about road data, Norway’s national road database as well as geographic information system (GIS)” Terje, Skog-Data

Triona take end-to-end responsibility

Apart from an improved route calculation, Triona manages and produces the data sets used in the calculation which involves extracting and classifying data from both the Swedish and Norwegian national road databases and connecting those two data sources together along the border. With the help of its distance calculation service Triona has contributed to creating a stable, cloud-based system which in turn has resulted in increased transparency and effectivity for Norway’s forest industry transport. There is also support for incremental data updates which means that one can continually update dataset with new data, instead of bulk updating data sporadically. This means the customer can always be sure that the calculations are based on the prevailing conditions in the Swedish and Norwegian road networks.

Finally, Triona also deliver third-party licenses and maintain operations of the map server which is the last piece of the puzzle in creating an end-to-end solution for the customer.



Customer: Skog-Data

Product: Triona’s distance calculation service

Solution: Effective supply of maps and a cloud-based route calculation system which allows for complex data like vehicle length, weight, and height, and Norway and Sweden’s evolving road network.

Keywords: #GIS, #cloud services, #route optimization