Application management agreement with OKQ8 and Hoyer

29 August 2016

In July Triona took the formal responsibility for the continued application management of CapTank, a mobile order application used by Q8 and Hoyer

About a year ago, Triona received an inquiry from Consafe and their customers Hoyer and Q8 regarding application management of Consafe’s product CapTank. In the autumn of 2015 Triona conducted a feasibility study which, in 2016, resulted in a project aiming to establish application management for the product. Consequently, in July this year, Triona accepted formal responsibility for application management and support of CapTank.

CapTank is a mobile order application specially developed for tank truck distribution. Existing customers are Q8, Hoyer and Esso Energi in Norway. Application management for Esso Energi will be included in Triona’s undertaking later this fall.

Triona was considered to be the ideal partner for continued application management thanks to expertise in transportation and mobile applications. In addition, Triona’s associate company Fleetech have a long business relation with both OKQ8 and Hoyer, providing expertise regarding vehicle computer systems.