New logistics system for BDXs mission at LKAB

7 November 2016

LKAB has signed a contract with BDX relating to machinery and transport services above ground in Kiruna. The mission implies new demands on business systems as well ass methods for reporting/monitoring. To meet these demands, BDX has chosen to deepen their cooperation with Triona.

The solution BDX chooses is based on TRACS Flow and will support drivers, supervisors, managers and administrative staff working for BDX and subcontractors both in the field and at offices. On an overall level, the system will support activities relating to loading of coal and additive handling, loading of ore products on railway wagons, storing of pellets and transportation of waste rock and raw goods, material transport, ore traffic and road maintenance.

BDX will via the choice of TRACS Flow also enable support for tracking movements via GPS, geofencing and departure/event reporting. The solution will be integrated with BDXs ERP Microsoft Navision and BDXs weighing systems. In addition to that, TRACS Flow is a modern platform well suited for further development.

According to plan, the solution goes into production on January 1st, 2017