Release of TNE version 3.0

3 October 2016

For several years Triona has worked with the development of a new generation of the TNE platform. On September 28th the 3.0 version of TNE was finally officially released which facilitates the digitalization of our customers’ business processes.

Transport Network Engine (TNE) is a platform that handles road, rail, and shipping network data and network related information. The platform can also handle network attached information about measures and assets such as tunnels, lighting, guardrails, gauge, fairway markings, signs, signals and road culverts. The platform supports companies and organizations involved in infrastructure, transport and logistics. It also supports other activities that have connections to road, rail or sea, for example the automotive and insurance industries.

Version 3.0 shows an significantly improved performance for most actions that involve large amounts of data. Triona has used beta versions of TNE 3.0 internally in the data production for Avståndstjänsten since late 2015 and thereby saved 87 % on the production time!

The new version is more scalable, more flexible, better extendable, and even more accustomed to the needs of our customers. When configured as a master-data system it is optimized for data quality, performance, and traceability. The solution enables new possibilities regarding up-dating processes. From now, it can also be done by using Novapoint DCM, Trimble´s client for up-dating data in transport networks. We are thereby linking BIM and GIS together providing opportunities for increased digitization of business processes from design / construction into use, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, such as roads and railways. When configured as an analysis system it is optimized for fast and simple data access for visualization and further processing.

TNE 3.0 uses open and standardized exchange formats and even the storage model has been improved for simplified data-access. The plattform has a modern service interface and is well suited for integration with other systems.

Trafikverket have already decided to introduce the platform as a part of its system ANDA and Triona delivered TNE 3.0 to Trafikverket on 29 September. Recently the Norwegian Coastal Administration also selected Triona as a provider of a solution, where TNE 3.0 is included in the delivery.