Proof of concept - life cycle management of data

13 March 2017

Triona has entered into an agreement to participate in the project "Verification IFC Alignment & InfraGML". The project is a subproject within IFC Infrastructure Alignment Deployment operated under the Building Smart International. The project is also part of the program Smart Built Environment.

The strategic innovation programme (SIP) Smart Built Environment is a program that outlines how the built environment sector can contribute to Sweden’s journey to the global forefront of the new opportunities of digitalization, so that we can achieve intelligent and sustainable cities, manage our resources more efficiently and as a result reduce carbon emissions.

Verification IFC Alignment & InfraGML is one of the projects being carried out within this program. The project is led by Sweco and funded by the Swedish Transport Administration. The project is a collaboration between the Swedish Transport Administration, Stockholm County Council, Trimble, Triona, NCC, Sweco and Safe Software.

The main goal of the project is to verify and validate the transfer of data between different application and systems in the asset life cycle based on standardized formats IFC Alignment and InfraGML. This is the first step towards common requirements of data delivery definitions based on open standards.

The project will end in the autumn of 2017. Hopefully, we then can state that the verification has been successful!