New Lasset versions released (1.31.0 and 1.32.0)

5 August 2019

Triona’s cloud service for procurement and load booking, Lasset, was upgraded before the Summer. The upgrade was a two-part release. The first release was primarily a technical release with great emphasis on ensuring scalability, stability, and performance in Lasset’s technical core. This in turn will ensure a continued expansion of the service. The second release is a functional release with among other things increased geographical coverage in the distance service.

The technical release, Lasset 1.31.1 is a non-functional but powerful release focusing on adding further stability to Lasset’s technical core. This release adds no visual changes for the user but in the backend a large number of Lasset’s central components have been redesigned to ensure scalability, stability, and performance for continued increased future loads.

New/redesigned data models

  • The data models for procurements, agreements, rankings, prices and quality points have been completely refactored.
  • New technology for faster and more efficient calculation of statistics and quality points. This also forms the basis for a more flexible way for clients to work with quality points in the future.

Enhanced Performance

  • The most performance demanding solutions in Lasset have been redesigned to reduce unnecessarily long response times, both with current and anticipated loads.
  • A faster and more powerful production environment has been deployed to further ensure core stability and scalability.


In the functional release, Lasset 1.32.0, distance calculation has been extended to include Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany. Distances in Lasset are calculated using Triona’s TRE/distance calculation service.

Besides the distance calculation enhancements the release contains a variety of additions and bug fixes e.g. enhanced integration, electronic agreements for agreement relationships with suppliers, new logging for integrated flows.

More information on the releases can be found in the release notes in the

LASSET is a cloud-based service which links clients, suppliers, and other operators in the supply chain and supports among other things processes for procurement and transport order placements for road, rail, container, and machine transport. The service is built on contractual relationships between clients and suppliers and information sharing between all involved parties. Lasset is updated with new functionality around four times a year. The next update is planned for June 2019.