Gävle muncipality uses routing data from TNE

7 June 2016

Gävle muncipality is now basing it's routing services on Trionas product TNE combined with a component that translates data from TNE to datasets suitable for routing.

Gävle muncipality has identified an increasing need to be able to supply services for distance and routing request on their website, both for internal use and also for external customers.

The new services are based on a component delivered by Triona that will enable Gävle muncipality to automaticlly extract and maintain data from it's TNE database. 

An example of an external application based on these services is "route to school"

If you are in need of a routable road net contact Fredrik Nordfors, fredrik.nordfors@triona.se, +46703171493 to learn more.